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Hot Wheels
Hip-hop paradise. Grab it and burn some rubber!

The soundtrack to the blockbuster "The Fast and The Furious" serves as a dose of paradise for all rap and hip-hop lovers. Featuring tracks from Ashanti, Ja Rule, and R. Kelly, the music ranges from hip-hop...to more hip-hop.

Opening with a remix of "Good Life" by Faith Evans, it moves on to the very interesting "POV City Anthem", by Cadillac Tah. Although the lyrics leave a lot to be desired, the music does rouse the listener's interest, with a very catchy looped synth sound. The next track slows things down and delves into a smooth and soulful R&B rhythm by Ashanti, called "When a Man Does Wrong". Quite an interesting song, offering smooth and sultry vocals blended with soft synth and slow grooves.

The rest of the album is pretty much the same, with no real change in genre, except when it diverges slightly with the revamped "Rollin'", by Limp Bizkit, featuring DMX, Redman and Method Man. Overall, this album is a must-have for all hip-hop lovers, and offers some of the biggest and finest names in this genre.

The Fast And The Furious | Compilation

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