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Mystic River - Dennis Lehane
Lehane's compelling new thriller asks important questions about courage, relationships, and morality...and understands that there are no easy answers | 04 Jun 2001
1st To Die - James Patterson
The first outing by James Patterson's new dragonslayer fails to impress | 24 May 2001
The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver
A complex and moving story of an American family in post-colonial Africa | 14 May 2001
Endgame - James Elliott
Twenty million dollars from the sky? You just know there's gonna be a catch... | 18 Apr 2001
Fish, Blood And Bone - Leslie Forbes
A tale of love, murder, intertwined family relationships, and sins reaching far into the past | 07 Apr 2001
Turning Thirty - Mike Gayle
What happens when you hit thirty? | 28 Mar 2001
The Man Who Ate The 747 - Ben Sherwood
The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. Ask Wally Chubb | 21 Mar 2001
Shattered - Dick Francis
Dick Francis' swan song could have been so much more | 14 Mar 2001
Pagan Babies - Elmore Leonard
A Rwandan priest, a connected restaurant owner and a stand-up comic thirsting for revenge. Yes, Elmore Leonard's back in town | 07 Mar 2001
Protect And Defend - Richard North Patterson
An ambitious tale of politics and long-buried secrets | 28 Feb 2001

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