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Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams
An adventure that will keep the kids entertained | 29 Apr 2003
Sweet Home Alabama
Home is where the heart is | 26 Apr 2003
A blind superhero with incredible athletic ability. No one said this had to make sense | 21 Apr 2003
The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
The second installment of the Tolkien epic is bigger and better than its predeccors | 27 Mar 2003
A superbly choreographed musical charged with the gritty realities of sex, scandal and the fickleness of fame | 21 Mar 2003
Shanghai Knights
Mid-air punches seasoned generously with a dose of slapstick humour | 15 Mar 2003
Catch Me If You Can
The true story of one of the greatest scam artists of this century | 05 Feb 2003
Two Weeks Notice
Hugh Grant steals the show (and the best lines) in this romantic comedy | 21 Feb 2003
Life Or Something Like it
A cliched drama about waking up to the good things in life | 13 Feb 2003
The Hot Chick
A disastrous script and direction turn this movie into an unpleasant mess | 09 Feb 2003

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