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Pizza Hut
A wide variety of pastas, salads and pizzas | 27 Mar 2001
Sanuk Thai
A new Thai restaurant is making waves in trendy South Bombay | 17 Jan 2001
A coffee house that's right out of "Friends" | 31 Jan 2001
Have dinner with Grace Kelly and Humprey Bogart | 27 Dec 2000
Taste Buds
A well-conceived restaurant with a wide variety of dishes on offer | 29 Nov 2000
Delhi Darbar
Mughlai cooking in the heart of Bombay | 25 Oct 2000
Dosa Diner
South Indian food with a cosmopolitan twist | 27 Sep 2000
Cafe Noorani
An unpretentious restaurant which serves good Mughlai food | 30 Aug 2000
Just Around The Corner
An Indian diner modelled along American lines is making waves | 24 Jul 2000
Stake Out
A sizzler joint with celebrity patrons | 26 Jun 2000

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