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Crime Scenes
Sherlock Holmes never had it this good.


This one's got a wide range of free online games, relating to mystery and suspense, for you to solve. It's an excellent choice for those of you who try to crack every case you read about yourself, instead of turning to the last page to find out whodunit.

The games on the site include Solve-It (read the mystery, pick whodunit, solve the crime), Twist (a mystery with a surprise ending), See-N-Solve (see the scene of a crime and solve the mystery), Flash (mysteries inspired by a strange photograph) and Get A Clue (how many clues do you need till you can figure out the solution?). The ones we liked best were Solve-It and See-N-Solve; the Flash and Twist sections were strictly so-so, but the Get A Clue section is fairly interesting too, and is updated daily.

Other features include daily teasers posted by fellow mystery addicts, and a section called Parties By Members, where you get to enact a mystery with others, online. So here's a chance for you to put on your thinking cap and morph into a Poirot or a Holmes for a while. Enjoy!


Type in the letters "crimescene.com", and moments later, you're informed that you've entered a crime scene, where you get to view evidence files and solve crimes. This site is the world's longest running episodic Web site, and membership is free.

At any given point in time, there is an unsolved case online, which receives weekly evidence postings via detectives. You participate by asking questions, offering observations and providing leads until the case is solved. Then you can dig your teeth into the next case that the detectives have lined up for you. This site is brilliant, as far as details and intricacy is concerned. The cases have investigation tools to help you in your search for the culprit in addition to witness reviews, evidence items, press items and biological briefs. Any input provided by you is scanned and furthers the investigation in some way, all of which lends a touch of reality to the cases, which incidentally are fictional.

A couple of interesting previously solved crimes we went through were about an abduction case, and the murder of an Olympic skating duo. A fairly absorbing site, overall.

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