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Backed by cutting-edge technology and a team of expert researchers, Melonfire's content development division produces high-quality content on topics ranging from fashion and technology to business, personal finance and entertainment. Melonfire-branded content appears on a regular basis in India's leading newspapers, magazines and Web sites, and is suitable for both traditional print media and digital-age content delivery channels like the World Wide Web and handheld devices.

Our focus on providing our customers with the best service on the planet has helped us become preferred content providers to some of India's largest content publishers and Web sites. Melonfire's customers include The Times of India, India's single largest newspaper, and DBS Internet Services, the country's largest Web development house.

In addition to exclusive partnerships for content distribution, Melonfire also offers content publishers a number of subscription and syndication services, thereby providing them access to world-class content at a fraction of the normal cost. Our content catalog includes humour, entertainment, fashion, technology, business and medicine, and we're constantly expanding and adding new modules to our subscription services.

If you would be interested in developing a partnership with us, drop us a line and a customer service representative will get in touch with you.


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