Date/Time Functions In MySQL
Get a crash course in MySQL's date and time functions.
Strings In MySQL
Use the powerful string processing toolkit in MySQL for common string manipulation tasks.
Using Transactions In MySQL (part 2)
Learn to avoid data corruption with MySQL's various isolation levels, and see examples of transaction usage at the application level.
Using Transactions In MySQL (part 1)
Implement a transactional environment with MySQL.
Using Subqueries In MySQL (part 2)
Do more with subqueries with the IN and EXISTS operators.
Using Subqueries In MySQL (part 1)
Build sophisticated nested queries with MySQL 4.
Date Arithmetic With MySQL
Simplify date and time arithmetic with built-in MySQL functions.
Understanding SQL Joins
Left join. Right join. Inner join. Welcome to the wild, the wacky, the insanely cool world of SQL joins.
Access Granted
Precisely control access to information with the mySQL grant tables.
Database Essentials
A discussion of basic database concepts.
Speaking SQL (part 2)
Use SELECT queries, joins, sub-queries and built-in SQL functions to focus in on the data you need.
Speaking SQL (part 1)
Learn the basics of creating databases and tables, and inserting data into them, with this introduction to SQL.