Date/Time Processing With PHP
Simplify date and time processing in your PHP scripts.
Output Buffering With PHP
Use powerful filters to control the output of your PHP scripts.
Building A Quick-And-Dirty PHP/MySQL Publishing System
Looking to quickly add a dynamic news page to your corporate or personal Web site? This article shows you how.
Logging With PHP
Log script activity in your Web application with PHP's logging functions.
Creating Web Calendars With The PEAR Calendar Class
Need a quick-and-dirty Web calendar? Look no further!
Caching Web Sites With PEAR Cache
Improve site performance with a PHP-driven cache.
Networking With PEAR
Trawl the archives for PHP versions of common networking tools.
Dynamically Creating Compressed Archives With PEAR Archive_Tar
Dynamically build TAR archives using PHP.
Creating Database-Independent Applications With PEAR DB
Switch from one database to another without having to re-code your application.
PHP 101 (part 15): No News is Good News
Build your own personal RSS aggregator with PHP, SimpleXML and SQLite.
PHP 101 (part 14): Going to the Polls
Create an online voting system with PHP and MySQL.
PHP 101 (part 13): The Trashman Cometh
Secure your PHP scripts with clever input validation tricks.
PHP 101 (part 12): Bugging Out
Find out how to handle errors in your PHP 5.x scripts.
PHP 101 (part 11): Sinfully Simple
Change your life with SimpleXML.
PHP 101 (part 10): A Session In The Cookie Jar
Use sessions and cookies to track visitors to your site.
PHP 101 (part 9): SQLite My Fire!
Get to grips with SQLite, the new database in PHP 5.x.
PHP 101 (part 8): Databases And Other Animals
Hook your PHP scripts up to a MySQL database.
PHP 101 (part 6): Function-ally Yours
Find out how to create your own reusable PHP functions.
PHP 101 (part 7): The Bear Necessities
Dodge Bears. Learn OOP.
Using PEAR Console_Getopt To Process The PHP Command Line
Learn to process command-line options in your PHP script.
PHP 101 (part 5): Rank And File
Learn how to read and write files with PHP.
PHP 101 (part 3): Looping The Loop
Learn how to repeatedly execute code with loops and more sophisticated conditional tests.
PHP 101 (part 4): The Food Factor
Explore one of PHP's coolest variable types, the array.
Using PEAR HTML_Template_IT For Modular Interface Design
Simplify your PHP application design with modular interface templates.
PHP 101 (part 1): Down The Rabbit Hole
Get started with PHP, the hottest new scripting language on the block.
PHP 101 (part 2): Calling All Operators
Use PHP to process Web forms, and get to grips with operators and conditional statements.
Creating Email Newsletters with patNewsletter (part 2)
Learn to manage subscribers and customize newsletters with patNewsletter.
Creating Email Newsletters with patNewsletter (part 1)
Set up your very own email newsletter with patNewsletter.
Serializing XML With PHP
Build nested XML documents from PHP data structures with XML_Serializer.
Clicking Through (A phpBanner Primer)
Track eyeballs and clicks with phpBanner.
The Big Picture (A YaPIG Primer)
Take your photos to the Web with YaPIG.
Retrieving System Information With patSysinfo
Retrieve real-time server information and display it to users in your Web application with patSysinfo.
Bug-Bustin' (A phpBugTracker Primer)
Use phpBugTracker to design a defect-correction workflow that finds and squashes bugs.
Doing More With phpMyAdmin (part 2)
Use phpMyAdmin to define relationships between tables, maintain a log of commonly-used queries and create entity-relationship diagrams.
Doing More With phpMyAdmin (part 1)
You can do a lot more with phpMyAdmin than just create tables and insert records. Find out what.
Configuration Manipulation With PHP Config
Use the PEAR Config class to read and write configuration files in XML, PHP and INI formats.
File And Directory Manipulation In PHP (part 2)
More advanced tricks with the PHP filesystem API.
File And Directory Manipulation In PHP (part 1)
Get to grips with PHP's powerful and flexible file manipulation API.
Talking The Talk (A phpBB Primer)
Looking for a full-featured message board to add interactivity to your site? We've got just the thing!
Caching With PHP Cache_Lite
Use application-level caching to improve the performance of your PHP scripts.
User Authentication With patUser (part 3)
Identify users and groups, track a user's clicks, maintain user statistics, and gracefully handle errors.
User Authentication With patUser (part 2)
Use the patUser API to view, add, edit and delete users.
User Authentication With patUser (part 1)
Add authentication to your PHP-based Web application in a jiffy with patUser.
Using PHP With LDAP (part 2)
Use PHP's LDAP API to write complex search queries and modify the LDAP directory tree.
Using PHP With LDAP (part 1)
Find out how PHP can be used to search an LDAP directory.
Building A Quick-And-Dirty Guestbook With patGuestbook (part 2)
Learn to customize and secure patGuestbook.
Building A Quick-And-Dirty Guestbook With patGuestbook (part 1)
Find out what visitors actually think of your Web site.
Building XML Trees With PHP
Who needs the DOM? You've got XMLTree!
Easy Application Configuration With patConfiguration
Reading, writing and maintaining application configuration files has never been so easy.
Building PHP Applications With Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
Dreamweaver MX comes with some nifty new ideas designed to minimize hand-coding of PHP scripts.
Building A Generic Error Reporting Class In PHP
Trap script errors and generate consistent error screens in your PHP applications.
Using Amazon Web Services With PHP And SOAP (part 2)
Add search features, shopping carts and wish lists to your AWS-backed online store.
Using Amazon Web Services With PHP And SOAP (part 1)
Use to power your own online store? Yup, sometimes wishes do come true.
Watching The Web
Wanna get emailed automatically whenever your favourite Web pages change? Here's how.
PDF Generation With PHP
Dynamically construct PDF documents through PHP scripts.
PHP Application Development With ADODB (part 2)
Find out how ADODB can be used to optimize multiple-run queries, commit and roll back transactions, and improve performance by caching query results.
Commercial Break (A phpAds Primer)
Wanna make some money from your Web site? You're gonna need phpAds!
PHP Application Development With ADODB (part 1)
Make your PHP scripts portable across databases with the powerful ADODB database abstraction library.
Using The Google Web APIs With PHP
Build your own Google, with PHP and SOAP.
Template-Based Web Development With patTemplate (part 2)
Take things to the next level with information on patTemplate's more sophisticated features.
Template-Based Web Development With patTemplate (part 1)
Clean up your code by using templates to separate layout from business logic.
PHP and PostgreSQL
Find out how to use PHP with the *other* open-source database system.
Who'd have thunk it? PHP can now (shock shock! horror horror!) even be used to interface with Microsoft COM objects on the Windows platform. Find out how.
Writing Self-Documenting PHP Code
Hate documenting your source code? Why not have PHP do it automatically for you?
Error Handling In PHP (part 2)
Use PHP's error API to trigger your own errors and log error messages to a file, database or email address.
Using PHP With Java
Hook PHP up to Java and use Java classes and Java Beans from within your PHP scripts.
Building An Extensible Form Validator Class
Save time and effort by building a PHP-based object to validate HTML form input.
Error Handling In PHP (part 1)
Find out how to use the PHP 4.1 error-handling API.
User Authentication With Apache And PHP
Want to protect parts of your site from unauthorized visitors? It's easier than it sounds.
Plugging RDF Content Into Your Web Site With PHP
A Web site which dynamically updates itself with the latest news and information? Nope, it's not as far-fetched as it sounds.
Database Abstraction With PHP
One of the nicest things about Perl - the DBI module - finally makes an appearance in PHP.
Socket Programming With PHP
Learn about the new socket programming API in PHP 4.1.
Building A PHP-Based Mail Client (part 3)
Find out how to construct and send MIME-encoded email messages with PHP.
Building A PHP-Based Mail Client (part 1)
Ever wondered how Web-based mail clients work? Find out here.
Building A PHP-Based Mail Client (part 2)
Integrate attachment handling features into the primitive mail client developed earlier.
XSL Transformation With PHP And Sablotron
Perform XSL transformations on the server with PHP's Sablotron extension.
Array Manipulation With PHP
Take an in-depth look at PHP's array manipulation tools for faster, more efficient code.
Time Is Money (part 2)
Get a crash course in statistics by using PHP and mySQL to generate resource allocation and usage reports.
Time Is Money (part 1)
Build a timesheet system to track and analyze work hours for your consultancy or small business.
String Theory
Get all tied up in knots with PHP's string functions.
Data Exchange With XML, WDDX And PHP
Find out why WDDX is the future for Web-based data exchange.
Web Development With PHP FastTemplate
Separate code from layout with PHP FastTemplate.
Building An Extensible Menu Class
Learn about PHP's objects by building a PHP-based Menu object to describe the relationships in a hierarchical menu tree.
The Perfect Job (part 2)
Complete the job listing system by adding a search engine and administration module.
The Perfect Job (part 1)
Build a complete job listing and resume management system with PHP and mySQL.
Using PHP With XML (part 2)
PHP's DOM parser offers a simpler - though slower - alternative to the SAX parsing technique.
Using PHP With XML (part 1)
Use PHP's SAX parser to parse XML data and generate HTML pages.
Nuking The Competition
Simplify content management on your Web site with PHP-Nuke.
Cracking The Vault (part 2)
Improve The Vault with a search engine and a revision log.
Cracking The Vault (part 1)
Save the paperless office from extinction with this electronic document management system.
Democracy, The PHP Way
A case study of building an online polling system with PHP and mySQL.
Talk To Me!
Build a comments system for your Web site with PHP.
Miles To Go Before I Sleep...
Take PHP out of the classroom and into the real world, with this case study of building a Web-based appointment calendar.
Stream Me Up, Scotty (part 2)
Learn more about PHP's file and directory manipulation functions.
Stream Me Up, Scotty! (part 1)
Build a browser-based FTP client with new functions available in PHP 4.0.
Couch Sessions
Session management for your Web site in PHP 4.0.
Image Generation With PHP
Use PHP 4.0's image generation functions to create database-driven menus and pie charts.
Back To Class
Learn about classes, constructors and extensibility in PHP 4.0.
PHP 101 (part 4): Look, Ma...It's Alive!
Use PHP's database support to create dynamic data-driven Web sites.