Processing Command-Line Options With Perl
Add support for command-line options to your Perl program.
Array Manipulation In Perl
Improve your knowledge of Perl's arrays and hashes with this handy reference guide.
Understanding Perl's Special Variables
Get familiar with Perl's special built-ins.
Using The Perl Debugger
Got a Perl problem? Better bring in the debugger.
String Processing With Perl
Perl comes with a powerful string manipulation API. Be afraid.
Using Perl With WDDX
Use Perl with WDDX to exchange data structures across the Web in a platform-neutral manner.
Using Perl With XML (part 2)
Find out how the XML::DOM package provides an alternative technique for manipulating XML in Perl.
Using Perl With XML (part 1)
Find out how to use Perl's SAX parser to parse and convert your XML into Web-friendly HTML.
Carping About DBI
Get to grips with Perl's popular DBI and Carp modules.
Object-Oriented Programming In Perl (part 2)
Object methods and properties, inheritance, overrides and destructors - they're all here!
Object-Oriented Programming In Perl (part 1)
A light-hearted look at some basic OO concepts in Perl. Basics
The module offers Perl programmers powerful page construction and form parsing capabilities.
Perl 101 (part 8): Putting It To The Test
Put your Perl skills to the test with some real-world CGI applications.
Perl 101 (part 7): CGI Basics
An introduction to the basics of CGI scripting, and a new type of Perl variable.
Perl 101 (part 6): The Perl Toolbox
Review some powerful built-in Perl functions for string and math operations.
Perl 101 (part 5): Sub-Zero Code
Learn how to structure your Perl code for maximum reusability with subroutines.
Perl 101 (part 4): Mind Games
Find out how to use Perl to interact with files on your system.
Perl 101 (part 3): Looping The Loop
Learn about Perl's control structures and array variables.
Perl 101 (part 2): Of Variables And Operators
Learn about Perl's variables, operators, and conditional expressions.
Perl 101 (part 1): Gettin' Groovy With It
An introduction to the world fo Perl programming.