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Content strategy

We produce high-quality content on a range of developer-oriented technical topics. We assist with audience visualization and segmentation, content strategy development and implementation, collateral development for content-led demand generation, and content catalog optimization.

Developer engagement

We produce technical tutorials designed to engage and educate open source software developers at all skill levels. We also produce API documentation, technical manuals and engineering design documents for bespoke software products.

Demand generation

We produce a range of marketing collateral to support demand generation activities. Our service offering includes case studies, technical and business white papers, infographics, slide shows, ebooks and branded articles.

Content optimization

For enterprises with large existing content catalogs, we provide advisory services for migration, monetization or visibility enhancement of their content. We also coordinate with organizational teams to identify opportunities for content cross-pollination and reuse.

Software Consulting

Our years of experience in open source product development enable us to offer bespoke product design, implementation, deployment and related advisory services. We are able to significantly reduce the time to market for new software applications through professional project management, agile development and automated quality assurance.

Product development

We work with clients to design, develop and deploy bespoke software products built on open source technologies. Our technical expertise, coupled with our ability to translate between business and technical domains, ensure cost-effective, high-performance results.

Technical advisory

We assess existing product architecture to identify performance, security or scalability issues and advise on solutions. Our technical advisory service also covers quality assurance planning, deployment automation, monitoring and migration.


  • 1998

    Melonfire begins as a content production house focused on entertainment and technology topics.

  • 2004

    Melonfire launches turnkey product development services with a special focus on open source technologies.

  • 2012

    Melonfire transitions into consulting services focused on content strategy and open source technology.

  • Now

    Melonfire is a trusted partner to clients across the globe, with a reputation for high-quality, innovative and professional service delivery.