Learning to Rock...Again

A compilation of greatest hits that's just perfect for the Valentine mood.

MLTR sky-rocketed to fame in the mid-1990's with their blend of slow, not-too-soppy music and decent lyrics delivered in a distinctive Scandinavian accent. Of late, though, they haven't been able to re-invent their sound and the music was getting too predictable and stale. So here they are, trying to market their hits all over again. And it just might work.

MLTR shares one thing with that other great Scandinavian band, Abba - they have a huge number of hits, all of them worth listening to. So, you have "The Actor", "Sleeping Child", "That's Why", "I'm Gonna Be Around", "Paint My Love", "Forever And A Day"...the list goes on. Some of the others aren't too great and make the album a tad repetitive. But there's hope, in the form of the new single titled "The Ghost of You". It is sufficiently different from their previous songs to be refreshing. It has a lighter tone and a easier delivery style and if continued, could herald the re-emergence of this group.

The album might be a good idea for anybody looking for a Valentine's Day gift or something to set the mood, as well as for hardcore fans.

This article was first published on03 Feb 2002.