A Christmas Carol

Destiny's Child has a new Christmas album out. And it rocks.

Just in time for the Christmas season, Destiny's Child's latest album, "8 Days Of Christmas" offers long-time fans and new converts alike a unique perspective on classic Christmas tunes.

The album kicks off with the very hip, very cool "8 Days Of Christmas", an updated version of the classic "12 Days Of Christmas". Cheesy lyrics, backed by the vocal talents of the trio and a fun beat, this is one cut that's already heading to the top of the Christmas charts. Equally good are "Winter Paradise", a slower, more thoughtful affair, and the numerous solos by the individual members of the group (I particularly liked the rendition of "Silent Night").

Some of the cuts seem closer to pop than R&B or gospel, and there are a few downers ("Opera Of The Bells"), but overall, this is a good, solid Christmas album, just right as a stocking stuffer.

This article was first published on24 Dec 2001.