Doing It His Way

A slightly different take on traditional R&B.

Usher, best-known for his multi-platinum album "My Way", is back with a new effort. And right from the first single, this professionally-produced album hits all the right notes. "U Remind Me", Usher's collaboration with hitmakers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, has all the ingredients of a smash hit - smooth vocals, seductively-soft lyrics and some impressive acoustics. This is followed by the passable "I Don't Know" (with P. Diddy), with Usher getting into his stride around "Twork It Out", a mushy tearjerker, and the equally-mushy "U Got It Bad". Things speed up a little with "U Don't Have To Call" and "I Can't Let U Go", both of which showcase Usher's talent with faster beats and more traditional street cuts.

While the album does have some downers - most notably, "How Do I Say" and "I Don't Know" - and Usher's passion for the letter "U" in his track titles is annoying, this isn't a bad album - in fact, Usher's vocal prowess, combined with his star lineup of collaborators makes it quire a good one. Worth checking out for a slightly different take on traditional R&B!

This article was first published on05 Oct 2001.