A Little Bit Of Bega

Bega's raspy voice and unique style has everyone dancing to his tune.

Charmer. Flirt. Womaniser. These are just a few words that come to mind when one hears Bega's music.

This particular album marks his debut into the world of singers and he needn't be afraid of being stifled by the crowd as his raspy voice and twenties-style music make him stand apart from it by a league!

A word of caution though; if you've heard "Mambo No.5" it's almost like you've heard them all. Yes, I'm afraid the tunes do get monotonous and unvarying after a while. Inspite of this however, there are a few noteworthy ones like "Tricky, Tricky" and "Icecream".

One thing I must say - his songs have put the twist back into fashion...you know the dance step where the hips move from side to side real quick? And "Mambo No.5" is undeniably a trail blazer. Bega's music is infectious, it wakes people up.

So, invest in this music if you're a die hard Lou Bega fan, if you have a party you want to liven up or if you just want to enjoy some topical music!

This article was first published on24 Apr 2000.