A New Day

Celine Dion's latest is just what you'd expect.

With songs that weep the wanton wisdom of her trademark love formulae, Celine Dion's taken ballads to a new high! Listen to her and you’ll know.

Breaking taboo in this new album are the odd fast track, like "Super Love", "Sorry For Love" and a quirky little number called "Rain, Tax (It’s Inevitable)". Splitting sound with a pop-disco axe, these break out of the groove that otherwise make the tracks on this album difficult to distinguish. Borrowing Nat King Cole’s 1948 original "Nature Boy" and Etta James’ 1942 classic "At Last", she barely resuscitates the magic of old.

Two versions of "A New Day Has Come" are featured here; one, the Radio Mix, which is all over the telly, and the other, its vocals- wound-around-trumpets twin. "10 Days" is subtle rock (or as subtle as the lady can get) but still my favourite.

This article was first published on26 May 2002.