A Tribute To Giorgio

If you like dance music, this tribute to DJ Giorgio Moroder is definitely worth a look-see.

Giorgio Moroder, a man well known for his ability to intuitively produce music that has mass appeal and equally famous because of the series of successful hits behind him such as "Lookie Lookie", "Love To Love You Baby" and "I Feel Love", is a legend.

Not only is he considered the pioneer of disco music but he's also won two Oscars - one for his soundtrack for Alan Parker's film "Midnight Express" and the other for his hit single "What A Feeling". Besides this, he's composed the official songs for two Olympic games and the soccer World Cup and he's a sculptor whose work has been put up in various exhibitions. Also, he's designed a sports car that has won several awards. The man is a multi-faceted creative genius.

This album is a tribute by other DJs, who've carved a niche for themselves - Jam and Spoon, Paul Oakenfold, Pete Heller, Roger Sanchez, Phats and Small, Todd Terry, Tomcraft, and Diana DeWitt - to this veteran and innovator of a whole new wave of music in today's world.

For the dance fiend, every song has a meaning and for the aspiring DJ, the album could perhaps serve as a lesson manual. For those who enjoy listening to dance music, keep a ear out for "E=MC2", "Spring Affair", "On The Radio", "Evolution" and "Never Ending Story".

Oh, and DJs, while listening to the album would be the right time to jot down a few "what-to-do-at-my-next-party" notes.

This article was first published on05 Sep 2000.