Dance The Night Away

Yet another party compilation to keep you hopping.

"Absolute Dance 2003" is a repertoire of the commercial dance songs you see and hear, a million times a day, on TV. Comprising of popular tracks such as Christina Aguilera's "Dirty" and Hisham Abbas' "Nari Nari", this compilation proves to be the perfect bundle of joy for those in need of a readymade party solution. Offering the current and the not so current (it also features Kaoma's "Lambada"), the compilation captures the perfect dance party mood.

All in all, worth a buy for those in need of an "all-in-one" party answer, and a solution to the problem of buying multiple CDs and albums. I would definitely recommend this for party animals who prefer compilations to single artist albums.

This article was first published on07 Aug 2003.