Dancing Those Blues Away

A so-so debut by a new British boy band.

Blue is a four-member British boy band not in any way unique or distinguishable from the other such bands around. And this album is representative - there’s nothing to distinguish any of the twelve songs from each other. However, it’s not as if these terrible songs. As dance numbers and purely discotheque music, they’re fairly good. The beat is standard, though there is an element of soul thrown in for variety.

There are only two really good cuts on this album - "All Rise", a clever, very danceable little jewel, and "Long Time", which is slower and smoother than the rest of the cuts. Also, for what it’s worth, side B is better than side A - it has "Back To You" and "Best In Me", which are just about okay.

Worth picking up only if you like this kind of music!

This article was first published on28 Feb 2002.