Wild Honey

The boys from Dublin are back...and how!

Twenty years after their first solo album (and probably their first instruments), U2 have been canonized in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as one of the greatest bands to have graced the music industry. Their latest endeavor, titled "All That You Can't Leave Behind", has deservedly won them much acclaim amidst their peers.

The new album certainly conforms to the magical style of the band. "Elevation" and "Kite" are firm examples of this, while the bubbly rhythm on "Wild Honey" showcases Adam Clayton's versatility on the bass guitar. Bono's brilliance displays a new and increased dependence on the vocal charm of The Edge and Larry Mullen in the multifaceted "Walk On", which serves as a subtle reminder of their underlying success over the past few decades and is centered on a modern adaptation of classic U2 melody.

The album is an unequivocal success, and highlights a crisp tone against an archaic lyrical background, displaying a smooth homogeneity that screams U2 all the way.

This article was first published on20 Feb 2001.