As American As Apple Pie

Let your hair down and party with the cast of American Pie.

When you have a film that concentrates on a bunch of sex-crazed youngsters in the madcap world of college, you'd expect the soundtrack to be all peppy and groovy, right? And that's exactly what you get in this album.

The groups featured in this album are not really big names and the songs may not be anthems, but the assortment of songs is decidedly apt for the movie. The majority of the songs are in the glam-rock genre and are characterised by quick riffs and snapped-out lyrics. There's not much to distinguish between the numbers as they all have the "let-your-hair-down-and-party" feel. Some, though, are better than the rest. Like the brilliantly energetic opening track "Every Time I Look" by Blink-182, which is followed by the equally good "Scumbag" by Green Day. There are a few soft notes too, in the form of Angela Ammons who sings "Always Getting Over You". And there's the groovy hip-hop number "I'm Gonna Split This Room In Half", by Uncle Kracker. All the rest of the songs aren't brilliant, but they do make decent listening material for when you need a lift or just feel like partying.

This album is is a decent enough buy, provided you know that you're just going to groove to this one and not actually listen to it.

This article was first published on01 Nov 2001.