Golden Oldies

Cuts that define the musical consciousness of a generation.

Following on the success of "Anthems", Universal has just released a new compilation of songs that define the musical consciousness of a generation. This new collection, aptly titled "Anthems II", includes tracks by artists as diverse as Dire Straits, Robert Palmer, Bryan Adams and (of course!) Deep Purple.

The album begins in fine style, with Bryan Adams belting out "The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You", followed by Mark Knopfler and the boys from Dire Straits strumming their way through "Sultans Of Swing". The Scorpions' soft and wistful "Send Me An Angel", Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love" and Santana's swinging guitar on "Oye Como Va" are the other notable tracks, together with a great song (which I'd never heard before, but enjoyed nonetheless) by Rainbow, "Temple Of The King".

The flip side includes cuts by rock-n-rollers Ugly Kid Joe ("Cats In The Cradle"), the Cranberries ("Zombie"), Thin Lizzy ("Whiskey In The Jar") and Steve Winwood ("Roll With It"), among others, and while not as enjoyable as the first few tracks, does have its moments too.

Regardless of whether you're a baby boomer, or a part of the new connected generation, "Anthems II" has something for you - you've probably heard all the songs on it at some time or another, and you're sure to find at least one track that brings back memories of your younger (more foolish?) days. As a compilation, it succeeds wonderfully, and you'd be well advised to get yourself a copy the next time you stroll down to the music store.

This article was first published on13 Sep 2000.