Bachelor Party

A sound investment for the party animal.

Overlapping two decades, the album is a compilation of eighteen dance and pop tracks from various artists. While its sexual connotations can be misleading, most of the tracks are true celebrations of the party spirit.

The album kicks off with the mono-dimensional "Be Sexy" by Justine and also features hits like "Sex Bomb" by the infamous Tom Jones. A funky newcomer on the album is Sunclub and their bubbly rendition of "Wetsuit" is guaranteed to be a knockout success.

Fortunately, this is just the beginning and the rest of the album follows closely along the lines of a popular dance theme. A couple of retro tracks find themselves in the play list as well, serving as a reminder of the thriving seventies.

This album would be a sound investment for the party animal or the vigilant dance fan. The seemingly disparate tracks featured here are collector's items and would be ideal for any house-warming party.

This article was first published on25 Jan 2001.