Backstreet's Back!

Some brilliantly-engineered tracks make this album worth a dekko.

After a brief takeover of the international charts by AJ, Kevin, Nick, Brian and Howie, boy bands have newfound purpose. Like it or love it, the boys are here to stay...and their latest offering titled "Black and Blue" screams showmanship in unison. The Backstreet Boys rocked the charts back in 1999 and this album proves their intent to stay at the top for a while.

"The Call" and "Shape of My Heart" are perfect examples of the original dichotomy that popularized the Backstreet rhythm, with every member adding a creative stroke to the masterpiece. Another track titled "Time" is brilliantly engineered and testifies to the band's diabolically-ingenious sense of melody.

This multi-dimensional album leaves no room for complacency, and the Boys have definitely delivered a wholly pleasing album for a universal audience.

This article was first published on31 Jan 2001.