Party music that could do with a makeover.

One more "ultimate" album. One more pitiful attempt at giving classic songs a new twist.

The album kicks off with a semi-decent song called "Forever Man" by The Beatchuggers (featuring Eric Clapton), followed by Kylie Minogue strutting her stuff with "Please Stay". And if ever there was a reason against compilations like these, it would be re-worked versions of songs like "Message In A Bottle", the Police classic, which appears here. There are a couple of surprises, such as "Rock Music" (with a very catchy beat) and "Ordinary World".

The album is designed to cater to that segment of the world’s population which inhabits darkened, expensive nightclubs. And since nobody really listens to music there, I guess this album is decent enough to play for background sound. Otherwise, I suggest you just pass it by.

This article was first published on10 Sep 2001.