Feelin' The Buzz

Crammed with foot-stomping dance cuts and infectiously-silly lyrics, Steps' new album is simply terrific.

With their funky pop tunes and catchy lyrics, Steps has always been one of my favourite Brit-pop bands. Their new album, "Buzz:" seems set to win them even more fans - crammed with foot-stomping dance cuts and infectiously-silly lyrics, it's easily one of the better pop albums on store shelves right now.

The album starts off with "Stomp", a track guaranteed to make you do exactly that with its overtones of 80s-style disco. This is followed almost immediately by "The Way You Make Me Feel", a slower ballad rich with vocals and orchestra, while the title track "Buzz" - for my money, the best track on this album - puts things back in perspective with its groovy, synthesized rhythms. Other notables include the Latin-tinged "Summer Of Love", the carefree "Happy Go Lucky", the sharply-funny "Better The Devil You Know" and the peppy "Human Touch".

What am I trying to say? Don't waste time - go right out and pick this one up!

This article was first published on11 Jun 2001.