Genie In A Bottle

A voice so sultry, you should listen to it with the lights off.

What do you get when you put twelve songs and a refreshingly clear voice together? A definitely listenable album!

Aguilera's voice is a real pleasure to hear. It's smoky, earthy, perky - all rolled into one. The part that is most striking about her music besides that sexy voice are the beats to her songs. They're very different and make the music move in a way that's not been done lately.

Her sense of rhythm comes through in each and every track but my four favourites are "Genie In A Bottle", "What A Girl Wants", "Come On Over" and "Love Will Find A Way" - the first two of which have been made into videos that're frequently aired on MTV and Channel [V], and the third one got me dancing! Bad taste? Well, one can't judge until one hears it for oneself, right?

Besides the ones mentioned, a few songs have a jazzy, bar-room feel to them, and some are ballads. So, taking an overview, this album works for both Aguilera and for us, the listeners; because it promotes her talent in a variety of singing styles and we? We get a good melange of different kinds of music on one tape/CD.

The endnote - this one should be listened to with the lights off - that's the only way that a voice so sultry can have that special effect on you.

This article was first published on08 May 2000.