Music From The Movies

Remind yourself of classic moments from Hollywood film history with this compilation.

Advertised as a diverse collection of "some of the greatest film songs ever", "Cine Max" seems to deliver the goods on compilation albums. While the entire play list may hold no fascination for any one consumer, there's bound to be a few tracks in here for everyone. Some of the bigwigs include Westlife and Phil Collins with their own special contributions. The latter's rendition of "I Don't Wanna Fight" brings out the true feel of the entire album.

Still others are reminiscent of our own cinematic experiences and bring to mind certain classic moments from famed Hollywood romances and comedies. Martina McBride's "I Love You" and Sheryl Crow's "Everyday IS a Winding Road" are fantastic additions as well. Among the newer artists, Sarah McLaughin's spine tingling recital of "Angel" is one of the better tracks on this collection.

This article was first published on04 Jul 2001.