The Sound Of Silence

A spitfire with oodles of talent.

Don’t let that cherubic face fool you - this is a woman with the voice box of a spitfire. Which is a good thing.

Tiffany, now 29, was a pop craze back in the 80s, when most pop music sounded the same. Her only release after that is this album, paradoxically-entitled "Colour Of Silence"; while the name may conjure up images of honeyed lyrics and soft vocals; you’ve got to listen to it to believe it.

Tifany's music has a racy, snap-your-fingers rhythm to it, and is compounded with intelligent lyrics, creative exploit of synthesizers and a raw precision that makes it kick ass (very Morisette, but on a tamer trail)

"Open My Eyes" is doing the rounds on the music channels, "I’m Not Sleeping" features rap artist Krayzie Bone. "Piss You Off" is my favourite, while "Silence" is anything but.

She starts with a bang, but ends on a softer note...and if this album is anything to go by, she’s just earned herself another fan!

This article was first published on20 Sep 2001.