Bon Jovi's first album in five years shows that the boys haven't lost their style just yet.

"Crush" is a new lease on life for ardent Bon Jovi fans - it being the rock band's first release in five barren years. For all that time, while the group's members had been persuing individual interests like acting, painting, sculpting, composing for musical theatre and making solo albums; the fans have been left to fend for themselves and feed off previously produced albums of the eighties and early nineties.

However, after "Cross Road" which was released in 1994, this year's "Crush" will more than satisfy the rock fiend and the Bon Jovi fanatic. Its sounds project style, attitude, freshness; all of which are clearly laced with core Bon Jovi-ness seen in the drums, pounded by Tico Torres, lots of fantastic guitar - playing by Richie Sambora and lyrics sung by Jon Bon Jovi in his typical lazy treble.

"Thank You For Loving Me", "Save The World", "She's A Mystery" and "Mystery Train" are the slower, quieter tracks that're almost introspective while "It's My Life", "Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars", "One Wild Night"; which has a catchy, racy drumbeat; "Next 100 Years"; which has a stunning last four minutes of violin and guitar; "Two Story Town and "Just Older" are the songs that'll rock your windows off their hinges, if played at the right volume.

The endnote - "Crush" housing a varying, creative mix of tunes, tempos and lyrics; happens to be tailor - made for your next party!

This article was first published on19 Jun 2000.