Dancing In The Dark

A mediocre compilation of dance cuts.

ke it or loathe it, dance as a genre is here to stay. This compilation of over thirty-two dance tracks is a recorded testimony to the hunger of the masses for faster-paced percussion and lively content. However, this particular album would disappoint even the most ardent fan of dance music, as it presents us with music that is best left unnoticed.

DJ Jino and Mix Factory have haphazardly compiled Volume 1 of "Dance Street". While the professionals are undisputedly talented on the mix, their cliched twists and selections don't constitute a memorable experience for the listener. The very first track, titled "Devil", by 666 is a prime example of mediocrity, and other repetitive songs like "Shout" by the Clubbastards display a typically one-dimensional style. Other numbers like "The Great Commandment", "Paradise" and a remix of "Smoke on the Water" are something of a change from the rest of the playlist.

Volume 2 carries on the tradition of its prequel to some extent, but a few of the tracks have a melodious undertone that cannot be altogether ignored. A few examples of this trend can be heard on "The Summer" by Big Trinity and "Mystic" by SSL 9000. A few other artists have shown an inclination towards retro-eighties rap and funk. This is clearly outlined on "Base 1" by My Way, "Techno Cat", and "The Flight" by DJ T Kay.

Most techno/dance albums are engineered for the dance floor, and artists often experiment with sounds to give their music a distinct character, which doesn't come out in this compilation. Not really worth your money!

This article was first published on20 Mar 2001.