Vocal Harmony

One of the most important Motown bands of the 60s is back.

Originally called "The Elgins", this group was one of the most important Motown bands of the 1960s. These were essentially doo-wop artists - a high-pitched lead vocalist from among the group would sing the song, with a couple of other singers providing background harmony. The group's history has seen as many mergers and acquisitions as those of a Fortune 500 company.

Predominantly soul and R&B artists, the band established itself early as masters of rhythm and groove and went on to produce hits such as "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" and "Cloud Nine".

In this particular album, one sees a fair mix of what the band is capable of. "I'm Here" and "Your Love" are typical love ballads. "Kiss Me Like You Miss Me" is a sensuous track spotlighting the group's vocal harmony. "It's Alright To Be Wrong" is an interesting track that justifies promiscuity.

"Got To Get On The Road" expresses the band's happiness in touring and traveling, visiting family and friends in different metropoli across the country. "Error Of Our Ways" is a song that questions the values of people in a society where children carry guns to school, rain forests are dying out, and starvation is rampant.

The album comes alive with four tracks - "Elevator Eyes", "Party", "I'll Just Go Crazy" and "A Little Bit Looney" - they all have a funky beat. Overall, the album is laced with a jazz/pop style, and offers music that's relaxing on the ears.

This article was first published on14 Dec 2000.