The Importance Of Being Ellie

Ellie Campbell's self-titled album is sure to get your feet tapping.

She's been called England's answer to Britney Spears, and it's not hard to see why - the same teenybopper lyrics, similar dance moves, and similar videos. She's one of the newest pop stars to emerge from Britain in recent months, racing up the charts with the energetic and very catchy single "Don't Want You Back". And Ellie Campbell's self-titled album "Ellie" illustrates that this young woman has the talent to make it to the top.

The tracks on "Ellie" are a fair mix of fast dance numbers and slower rhythms. The very first cut on the album is the afore-mentioned "Don't Want You Back", which is sure to get your feet tapping as Ellie sings about an unfaithful boyfriend. "So Many Ways" is a stirring rendition on love, while the hummable "Sweet Lies" and "Suspicion" are two different takes on the same thing.. On the flip side, "Jackie" is yet another catchy tune, while both "Forgive Me" and "The Things You Do" are also memorable

This is quite a good album, although those listeners tired of a steady diet of teenybopper artists might find that it covers much of the same ground.

This article was first published on25 Oct 2000.