Songs Of State

Take your chances with this album - you might love it, or you might hate it.

All the songs on this album sound the same.

Hoppus Mark, Delonge Tom and Barker Travis who together constitute "Blink-182" have created a rather mediocre album in "Enema Of The State".

Travis Barker plays the drums like a man possessed and combined with Mark's and Tom's singing and the noisy guitar, the experience of listening to "Enema Of The State" can be compared to being hurtled down a slippery slope without brakes - it's scary and all downhill.

To be fair, the album does have a couple of songs that stand out - "Dumpweed" and "Don't Leave Me" talk about being dumped by girlfriends. "Going Away To College" is a track that quite a few listeners could identify with, "The Party Song" starts out well and "All The Small Things" sounds good after "Dysentry Gary". None of these songs are memorable or evergreen per se, but they're more pleasing to the ears than the rest.

Of course, if the listener happens to be a patron of punk rock music, none of the above applies.

Take your chances on the album - you might discover the rock n' roller in you!

This article was first published on27 Sep 2000.