Latin Lovin'

Julio's son proves that he's more than just a pretty face.

First came Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin. Then came Enrique Iglesias, with his Latin looks and a smile that got all the girls swooning. And perhaps the best part is that this guy isn't just a pretty face, but can also deliver the goods; "Enrique", his debut album, is flying off store shelves, and two of his tracks, "Bailamos" and "Rhythm Divine" have been - and are still - receiving substantial air time on both the music and radio channels.

As you might expect, "Enrique" is a combination of slow tunes and fast dance numbers; among the former, listen to "I Have Always Loved You", and among the latter, "Bailamos" and the slow bump-and-grind "Be With You" are definite winners. A couple of Spanish tracks are also included.

This article was first published on14 Mar 2000.