Escape To Paradise

An album destined for the dance floor.

I loved Enrique Iglesias' first album...but it turns out that his second, "Escape", is even better. Surprising, given the current decline in pop standards, but very welcome nevertheless.

"Escape" is much peppier than the previous Iglesias effort - the tracks seem designed for a dance floor, with fully two-thirds of the album just begging you to get up and groove. The title track, "Escape", is a little jewel by itself, as are the very, very bouncy "I Will Survive" and "Love 4 Fun". "Hero", which has been receiving non-stop airplay, is slower and more thoughtful, but Iglesias quickly dispels any notion that the album is going to decelerate with two lithe little tunes in succession: the hip, sexually-charged "One Night Stand" and my personal favourite on the entire album, "She Be The One", a very suggestive bump-and-grind cut ("she wake you up early in the morning, she tell you babe i feel a little horny") that will grow on you the more you listen to it.

With an album that seems destined for dance-floor glory, and some Spanish remixes thrown in for good measure, Mr. Iglesias should be on a radio near you for a while longer. "Escape" is very, very good - pick up your copy today!

This article was first published on26 Feb 2002.