The Leppard Walks Again

Euphoria takes you by the hair and tosses you around.

The rock group's fans will hail this 45 mins. 23 s. long album like dry earth welcomes a rain shower.

The group Def Leppard is back - and how! Euphoria takes one by the hair and tosses one around till one doesn t know left from right. However, one ends up liking the ride. Perhaps it s because of the masterfully played guitars by Rick Savage, Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell; the high pitched, treble enhanced vocals by Joe Elliot or window rumbling drums by Rick Allen, all of which make this package something to die for.

The lyrics make just enough sense to justify buying this CD. But between you and me, who really cares about the words? Just give us that guitar sequence again, right?

My personal favorite on this album is "All Night Long", though "Promises" and "Goodbye" don t lag that far behind.

After "Slang" (released 1996), the album that consisted of several old hits resung without all the electric guitar stuff and "Vault"(released 1995) which was a compilation of their hits between 1980 and 1995, this recent release comes as a breather. One is treated to all-fresh songs and new tunes, but vintage Def Leppard style.

So, what are you waiting for...don't you wanna get rocked?

This article was first published on08 Mar 2000.