Everything You Want

Vertical Horizon's debut showcases their adaptibility to a variety of musical styles.

Vertical Horizon is a prime example of the latest trend in bands that were spawned after the grunge heydays. The band's firm and melodious riffs leave the listener humming and tapping in a bright blue dream of musical bliss. These boys are a fledgling group amidst rock giants of the 21st century, and their debut album is a sure-fire hit on the international charts.

One of the main attractions in the album is its apparent homogeneity and adaptability to a wide variety of musical styles. The single "We Are" kicks off the playlist to an earth-shattering start, and would convert hard-core critics of mainstream music into believers. Other successful tracks include "You're A God", "All of You" and "Miracle", all of which have won them considerable acclaim.

This article was first published on24 Apr 2001.