Girl Power

Sixteen chart-topping tracks by the best female acts in the business.

They've done it again. Sony Music and MTV have finally released the third chapter in the much-awaited series of MTV tributes to female artists. "Fantastic Females 3" is MTV's third (and perhaps not final) attempt to compile some of the best female acts in the business into a single album.

Sixteen chart-topping tracks are what you can expect when you dig into this one. The album is really dense and may be best experienced in well-spaced out intervals. The play list is well laid-out, and features the talented voices of Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Sinead O'Connor and many more. Most of the songs showcase the vocal talent of the artists. Macy Gray's rippling recital titled "Still" is just one example of the latter.

This album would be ideal for anyone who craves a direct connection to the Billboard charts and is just as entertaining as its predecessors.

This article was first published on31 Jan 2001.