The Good Old Days

Classic songs, from a generation of artists who never go out of style.

Eighteen fantastic tracks wrought in timelessness, "Feelings" is a compilation of some of the most historic songs every written, produced here in all their classic originality.

A brew of some of the better-known, this album includes tracks by Rod Stewart ("I Don’t Want To Talk About It"), Simon & Garfunkel ("Scarborough Fair"), Diana Ross ("Experience"), Kenny Rogers ("Lady"), Lobo ("I’d Love You To Want Me"), John Lennon ("Woman") and Billy Ocean ("Suddenly"). As for songs like "When I Need You" (Rod Stewart), "Always On My Mind" (Willie Nelson), "You Needed Me" (Anne Murray) and "We’re All Alone" (Rita Coolridge) - they’re the predecessors of poetic ballads; you might not identify the singer, but you can sure as hell recognize the song.

The numbers are untainted, produced here in all their musical mastery. You might want to pick this one up today, before their remixes (God forbid!) are touted as the real thing.

This article was first published on18 Mar 2003.