Running Hot

Kylie Minogue's latest album is possibly her best ever.

It's been a while, but counting Kylie Minogue out is always a bad idea. Returning with a brand-new album after the so-so success of "LightYears", this petite Australian songstress has learned from past mistakes to deliver an album packed to the brim with tight, well-mixed cuts designed just for the dance floor.

The album's first single, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", seems to do just that: it's a classy, sexy piece of machine-tooled pop that you'll find yourself humming at odd moments during the day. It's easily one of the best pop tunes of the year, and it inspires quite a few other tracks in this collection (most notably, "Come Into My World"). Then there's the peppy rhythm of "More More More", the seductively-sexy disco beat of "Love Affair", and the funk/house combination of "Love At First Sight", all of which get my stamp of approval for repeat listening.

If you're looking for a well-mixed pop/funk/disco combination, "Fever" won't disappoint - almost every track on this album is a dance floor jewel, and together, they constitute one of Minogue's best albums ever. Don't miss this one!

This article was first published on16 Nov 2001.