Down Memory Lane

Don't remember these guys? You will!

A double CD album with a total of 34 songs, this is a very good buy. Take That was not exactly the kind of band that could hoot about their originality, except maybe crow about their inventive histrionics on stage. Popular material, as evident from the substantial number of borrowed tunes, was their long suit. The CDs have the old, the new, the borrowed and the blue.

You have the party remixes, the Beatles medley, the Motown medley and the Rock’n’Roll medley, some of which are great and some of which are mediocre imitations of the legends. Then there are the aeonian numbers that, for a couple of brief moments, allow you to re-experience the voodoo of the famous five. Songs like "Back for Good", "Everything Changes", "How Deep Is Your Love", "Sunday To Saturday", "Love Ain’t Here Anymore"....what you can recall is what you will receive.

And where’s the album without the one song that makes me fly? "Never Forget" is the last good word the brat pack left us. Take this...and party!

This article was first published on05 Aug 2002.