And Then There Were Four

The new Spice Girls album is a fusion of new techniques and established melodies.

Despite popular sentiment, the Spice Girls have successfully managed to regain their former glory. A few hairstyle changes, two solo careers and one hit album later, the awesome quintet seem ready to storm the international charts with their latest offering, "Forever".

The album is characterized by a fusion of new techniques with established melodies. Intelligent layering of instruments and vocals enrich the structure of the album. As you speed past the first few tracks, the acoustic alchemy of the group becomes evident. "Holler" and "Right Back At Ya" showcase the musical ability and competence of the group, while the ballad "Time Goes By" represents a softer side to the album, maintaining its romantic undertone.

While there isn't much difference between this album and its predecessors, the songs are still pleasant, entertaining and would conform to the expectations of the fans.

This article was first published on03 Jan 2001.