Sexy No More

Shaven heads do not a hit album make.

Right Said Fred have long been known for their unique approach to modern pop remember "You're Too Sexy"? - and so their new album, "Fredhead", has much expected of it. And while this album is nowhere near as clever or sharp as their previous attempts, it should nonetheless find a fairly large audience, if only for the three or four truly catchy numbers it contains.

The album kicks off with "You're My Mate", which is already on charts worldwide. It's a fairly lighthearted pop tune, with the brothers making maximum use of their vocal prowess (not to mention some fairly good backup on the instruments). "Mojive" is also fairly good, although the remix (also included) is way better than the original. I also liked the very in-your-face rhythms and disco grooves of "Funk You" and "Lap Dance Junkie", while the unfortunately-named "" left me cold. Finally, the album also includes versions of the group's previous two chartbusters, "I'm Too Sexy" and "Don't Talk, Just Kiss" case you're in a nostalgic mood.

All in all, an acceptable long as you don't compare this effort to the previous ones.

This article was first published on16 Nov 2001.