Anything But Garbage

Australia's hottest grunge act have something new up their sleeve.

Most Garbage fans would like to believe that God saved grunge through Garbage. And "Androgyny" demonstrates the truth of this notion: absolute grunge that spells an awesome range of tunes, a bang-up guitar act and the sinful vocals of lead Shirley Manson, the album blows colourful content and each cut has definite distinction.

Manson can climb varied vocal scales, taking it nice and slow, with numbers like "Drive You Home", "So Like A Rose" and "Cup Of Coffee" allowing her voice to lead the music, not being led by it. "Cherry Lips" has a very pop feel to it with disturbingly-pleasing lyrics and "Parade"  - the fastest track on this album - is quite head-spinning. "Untouchable" sounds sonic, while "Androgyny" is just very, very cool. All in all, a great album, and one that proves why this Australian group is different from the other air-headed grunge groups on the charts today. 

This article was first published on01 Dec 2001.