American Man

The best of Lenny Kravitz is very, very good.

Lenny Kravitz has, for a while now, been one of the saving graces in the field of "real" rock. And this collection of his best songs tells us exactly why.

The album has fifteen songs, most of which will bring you back into the fold of rock'n'roll - if you ever left it. While most of the songs have a peppy feel, there are some which stand out for their amazing softness. Kravitz exercises amazing control over his vocals, going from screechy to soothing within instants. The songs to look out for are "Believe", "Again", and the completely soulful "Black Velveteen". But the two songs which simply blew me away are the two which have uncanny overtones of Jimi Hendrix - "Fly Away" and "American Woman".

The songs are destined for lore and should easily hold pride of place amongst your music.

This article was first published on10 Jan 2000.