There Goes The Neigborhood

Another boy band that mistakes looks for talent.

In a world plagued with a fascination for boy bands, enter the Robertson Brothers, a trio from Down Under, who have churned out yet another addition to this collection, adding their own blend of overdone mush and horribly rendered cover versions of some of the best songs ever made. The brothers first appeared way back in 1994 to deliver their first album "Symmetry", which got them (brief!) star status with the song "Over the Mountains". Banking on that success, they return with their latest venture, "Here".

Kicking off with "Over the Mountains", the song that got them started, the band tries once again to make their way to the top position. I understand bands using old music formulas to "recash" their way to the top, but recycling an old song like this is frankly ridiculous. The next song, "All I Want is You", defines the drudgery and "been-there-done-that"-ness just by the song title. Next comes "Call Me Back", whose lyrics just made me fall back and laugh. Things went downhill from there.

Overall, definitely not meant for the serious music listener who considers talent before trends in pop culture.

This article was first published on07 Dec 2003.