Human Clay

Strong guitar riffs and raw vocals make this an album to remember.

Creed became one of the better-known names in the field of rock when they released their record-breaking first album. And "Human Clay", their second album, is quite a decent showcase of their talents.

The album is characterised by great riffs, accentuated by lead singer Scott Stapp's raw vocals. He makes the songs come alive, though sometimes some lyrics are lost in the rendition. The album gets underway with "What If", which is by the our best song of the album. That is not to say that songs like "Beautiful", "Say I", "Higher" and "Never Die" do not contribute to the album, because they definitely do. "Beautiful" especially, is quite good, with it's softer tones, while "Higher" too, is quite amazing.

You should also keep a ear open for "With Arms Wide Open", the track that's burning up the charts with its powerful mix of hard rock guitar and touching lyrics. This is also the song that marks the launch of the "Arms Wide Open" foundation, which will use money from the record's sale to help people in difficulty.

For all those who've been lamenting the lack of real talent among rockers and for those who can't stand people like Kid Rock, this is the album for you.

This article was first published on10 Oct 2000.