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Yanni's music never loses its appeal.

Yanni has played at the Acropolis, in the Forbidden City and against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal. If you asked his fans, they'd say his music is uplifting, almost spiritual. Detractors, however have been known to object to everything from the piano in his compositions to the hair on his head!

In this, his nineteenth album, all the music has been composed and all the instruments have been played by the musician himself and not by an orchestra, as in his previous albums like "Tribute".

"On Sacred Ground" has a tribal beat, a flute and vocal accompaniment, slow and lilting. "Wishing Well" too sports an African influence right in the opening strains and continues it throughout the track. "November Sky" successfully combines a soulful cello and a perky piano to make a listenable song. "With An Orchid" is a delicate tune with an oriental touch to its music, and the title song is slow and easy. "Reason For Rainbows", the last of the eleven tracks of the collection, is an ensemble piece where all the elements of the previous songs combine, such as hand claps, a chorus, piano and drums.

The album is melodious, flowing, and leaves the listener with space to think. This Greek modern symphonist will be able to satisfy his loyal supporters and hold the people who would bring him down at bay with the release.

This article was first published on06 Dec 2000.