Scratch That Record!

A repetitive and unoriginal album.

Here's an album with relatively little going for it, what with it coming from a field where originality is at a minimum and the fans love only repetitive stuff.

The album is characteristic of the "trance-meets-Lauryn Hill-meets-Vengaboys" genre of music. As such, there are not too many expectations from the group, but they do try their best. Despite the fact that everything becomes a blur after the first few minutes, a few numbers do make an impact as they are slightly different. Amongst these are "Freestyler", "Sky's The Limit", "Spoken Word" and the title song itself. These contain some decent variations and attempts to be original.

"In Stereo" is aimed primarily at the house and trance crowd, and displays influences of both hip-hop and electronic music. If you're someone who enjoys that kind of music, you will want to add this album to your collection - everyone else will just find the constant record-scratching and repetitive beats annoying!

This article was first published on10 Oct 2000.