Play It Loud

A foot-tapping compilation of dance hits.

"We've recorded it loud so you can play it loud"



When these are the kind of lines, words and symbols printed on the jacket of an album, the album promises one thing for sure - Great Dance Music!

All the songs are foot-tapping, snappy ones that beg you to hit the dance floor when they're played. Remember, this is a compilation of the most popular dance hits in the region. So, don't pick this tape/CD up if you're looking for good lyrics. Rather, concentrate on the beat, the rhythm and sometimes the tune... all of which will satisfy the dancer in you.

"Sweet Like Chocolate" - Shanks and Bigfoot's #1 U.K. hit is my favourite in this collection. It's cute, it's sassy and it's irresistible. Another famous song included here is "Feel It" by Tamperer feat. Maya, the video to which is regularly aired on music channels.

The album would make a good addition to the music collections of three categories of people: chronic dancers, owners of dance clubs and pubs and finally, people who regularly host parties.

This article was first published on08 May 2000.